Globally, humanity is evolving toward the indigenous Native belief and understanding that “nature is not inanimate, but imbued with one common life-force.”  The living water, earth, air, mountains, trees, plants animals, man, etc. are all bound together in unbroken continuity, in an indivisible unity of both biological and spiritual ecology. Acknowledging a need to consciously support and nurture the delicate balance of global biological and spiritual ecology, DREAMTIME only embraces project opportunities that are environmentally conscious, energy efficient, and cost effective regardless of project size and scope. We also strongly encourage and embrace principles of biodiversity, sustainability and environmentally responsible stewardship in all of our projects.

In our experience, environmentally responsible development of Eco-Communities significantly improves quality of life, comfort, aesthetics, resource efficiency and value of properties while reducing pollution and saving money. And our Green Building solutions and technology help make buildings more efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible – contributing to Global Health and well-being by reducing physical demands on precious earth resources.


The Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Master Planner

The Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village has been thoughtfully master planned with a variety of clustered homes and a vibrant commercial village center, developed around a beautiful 113 acre eco-farm park filled with an abundance of recreation and food production opportunities. This Eco-Village embraces sustainability, environmentally conscious principles and a new earth stewardship paradigm with Permaculture solutions that include regeneratively-sustainable renewable energy, food forest agriculture & eco-lifestyles of well-being with green economics.

This project has been over 4 years in development.