How Taos Ski Valley Costs Compares to Other Ski Resorts

How Taos Ski Valley Costs Compares to Other Ski Resorts Just how does Taos Ski Valley stack up against other ski resorts in terms of costs? Once you take a look at these statistics you will have another reason to own your Kachina Mountain Lodge cabin!! We can sign you up right now, so that next winter ski season you … Continue reading

Construction Costs & Green Building Guidelines 2012-2013

Construction Costs & Green Building Guidelines by John Halley Since construction costs always seem to be going up regardless of the economic times, putting together a realistic construction budget is more important now than ever. Strategic budget planning becomes even more important when we add desirable Green Building technologies solutions to the equation. DREAMTIME typically provides the following information to … Continue reading

Parade of Homes Article on Renewable Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Solutions COMPUTER CONTROLLED SOLAR HYDRONIC HEATING SYSTEMS A more reliable cost-saving heating solution for Moreno Valley homeowners and their builders By John Edmund Halley Many homes in the Moreno Valley area are heated with propane-fired hydronic heating systems that are complex, non-standardized and very expensive to operate. As volatile propane fuel prices continue to steadily rise, homeowners in … Continue reading

Investment opportunities abound in Taos Ski Valley

Investment Opportunities Abound in Taos Ski Valley Approval for development has been given for a Partial Conceptual Plan Approval for 6 Parcels in the Core Village Zone. This is great news for the entire community of Taos Ski Valley. As the TSV core village moves forward with redevelopment plans, Kachina Mountain Lodge is anticipating breaking ground this late summer.  Cabin … Continue reading