BLAKE FAMILY CORPORATION ENTERS INTO AGREEMENT TO SELL TAOS SKI VALLEY RESORT TO BILLIONAIRE CONSERVATIONIST LOUIS BACON – Enabling and empowering the manifestation of the Blake Family’s unique mountain resort vision to a wonderful new level that honors our community’s unique Taos heritage. Stay tuned to skitaos.org and gaiaquest.com for updated announcements as this awesome new chapter in the evolution … Continue reading

Christmas Day 2012


Christmas Day 2012 – Ah, nothing like a white Christmas! Kachina mountain in Taos Ski Valley….. The beauty of the snow on the mountains is breath-taking! Truly a sparkling holiday! View from Kachina Mountain Lodge Resort Center property.   By this time next year, you could be cozy in your KML cabin!         Ice Marbles:   A snowshoe … Continue reading

How Taos Ski Valley Costs Compares to Other Ski Resorts

How Taos Ski Valley Costs Compares to Other Ski Resorts Just how does Taos Ski Valley stack up against other ski resorts in terms of costs? Once you take a look at these statistics you will have another reason to own your Kachina Mountain Lodge cabin!! We can sign you up right now, so that next winter ski season you … Continue reading